To publish an article, we need to complete few steps as indicated by PMC (successor of PMDC) & HEC. These important instructions should be followed before submitting the article, otherwise your ar- ticle will not be processed. The journal is published on quarterly basis on 1st of Jan, April, July and Oct. Kindly send your articles well in time at least 2 month prior to publication date. All queries pertaining to the publication of your article may please be made direct to the Chief Editor (phone: 0333 5158885) between 8-9 p.m. on working days. Following are the instructions.

  1. First of all, permission from the Head of the Department of your Hospital/ Supervisor or Ethical Committee, permitting you to conduct the study in approved institution and under the supervision of a
  2. To transfer the rights to the journal Ophthalmology
  3. Two hard copies of the article for peer review be sent to the office at 267-A, St: 53, F-10/4, Islam- abad
  • The processing and publication charges are Rs. 20,000/- for each article, (without any discount) and must be pre-paid along with the article. The amount caters cost of printing, publication, fee for reviewers, staff salaries, telephone, internet, essential bills like TCS and postal charges etc., The amount can be remitted through Bank draft preferably on line bank transfer to A/C: No 145-20620-

714-126749 through Summit Bank Markaz F-10, Islamabad. The banking code for Summit Bank is 145, for other banks use banking code 010405), in the name of Ophthalmology Update, on NO PROFIT NO LOSS basis. It must be paid before the submission of the article. In case the articles is rejected by the reviewers, 50% of the paid charges will be refunded. Please make sure that your article is originally researched and not the repetition of documented facts in the text books or other journals. Otherwise you will be disappointed if the articles is rejected. The journals are mailed through ordinary post as a standard practice all over the world.

  1. Important: Kindly let us have your correct postal address, at which you want to receive the journal. (otherwise journal is likely to be lost at your office address), telephone or cell number with Mail address as well as your photograph. Please do not forget to mention the full names, their qualifications, designation, place of posting of all the co-authors along with the details of corresponding author to facilitate future correspondence.
  2. Articles will be returned to the Principal author due to rejection by the reviewers, plagiarism or repetition of subjects without any evidence of original research, language deficiencies, grammatical errors and typing mistakes.
    Please get your manuscript re-checked by the senior most co-author or a senior member of your department for any changes or correction and improvement of the manuscript before mailing to us. It is our worst experience authors generally have very poor expression of English language, therefore it is obligatory to get it rechecked by a senior.
  3. Please send the similarity index of the article. Its printing status will be determined after editing/re- view through TURNITIN and reviewers which may take 2-3 months. The principal author and co-au- thors should declare the contributory role of preparing the article in terms of:
  4. Proposed topic, basic study design, methodology, and manuscript writing
  5. Data collection, statistical analysis and interpretation of result.
  6. Literature review & references should be not less than

This SOP has been designed by the HEC & PMC which should be strictly followed.

Most Important: All queries pertaining to the publication of your article may please be made direct to the Chief Editor (phone: 0333 5158885) between 8-9 p.m. only on working days. Office is closed on Sundays.